Your Security Is Our Buiness


Manned Guarding

Whilst our specialisation is in the area of providing security guard dog services, we have provided Manned Guarding services.

General Purpose Dogs

At M.D.K9, each Security Guard Dog Handler is carefully vetted. They are not only checked out in terms of employment history and industry..

Patrol Dogs

The dogs used at M.D.K9 are trained to the highest standards. Each dog, not only has to meet the exacting standards as laid down by NASDU..

Narcotics Search Dogs

At MDK9, we have at our disposal, a number of highly trained narcotic search dogs. These dogs can be deployed in a passive search situation.

Explosives Detection Dogs

Our dogs, specially trained to identify and locate explosives, offer an extremely effective solution to the detection of explosives.

Our Mission

Quite simply, we seek to provide: Cost effective, reliable and high quality security answers to meet the needs of our clients.