Void Property & 24/7 Temporary Detection Security

Vacant/Void property Security

M.D.K9 Security Services Limited will provide professional managed vacant/void property solutions.

We can provide arrange of security measures. We will take metre readings attend site to meet clients and allow access to contractors on site, also complete checks on the building as and when required. this keeps your property monitored and protected and can deter a lot of unwanted attention from vandalism and unnecessary damage.

Services as follows:

    Manned Guards

    K9 Security

    Mobile Patrols

    Cameras and detection systems

    Boarding of the property

    Metre readings


    Wireless Cameras

inspections making sure there are no leaking pipes or any problems that may arise from being empty Sourcing the appropriate contractors for maintenance services when required.

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Our Mission

Quite simply, we seek to provide: Cost effective, reliable and high quality security answers to meet the needs of our clients.