General Purpose Security Dogs

General Purpose Security Dogs

What is it?

At M.D.K9, each Security Guard Dog Handler is carefully vetted. They are not only checked out in terms of employment history and industry qualifications but they are checked to make certain they have no criminal record of any kind.

Despite our employing only top quality personnel, each month, they and their dog attend National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) approved trainer for continuation training. In this way, at M.D.K9, we make sure that all of our operatives are at the required high standard and are also aware of the latest standards and legislation.

All of our Security Guard Dog Handlers are fully compliant with BS8517-1-2016 Code of Practice for General Security Dogs and with BS8517-2-2010.

Additionally, they are SIA licensed and vetted to BS7858-2019 standards and are aware of and adhere to all prevailing legislation.

Needless to say, they are fully insured.

About our K9 Security Dog Handlers & Dogs

Whilst always under the control of their experienced and trained Security Dog Handler, our security guard dogs are trained to identify and locate intruders or hidden persons by: Scent, sight or sound.

Our guard dogs are trained to protect their handler, by standing their ground and displaying controlled aggression when confronted by threatening behaviour.

Also, with their Security Dog Handler, a security guard dog can effectively detain a suspect until the authorities arrive to deal with the situation.

A Security Dog Handler and their guard dog can be especially effective in the following areas:

Large open spaces, such as: Schools, golf courses, parks, car parks, construction sites and ports.

Areas with restricted line of sight, such as: Transport yards and warehouses.
Areas too dangerous for lone security operatives, such as: Underground car parks, high crime areas, gang related problems and large-scale evictions.

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Our Mission

Quite simply, we seek to provide: Cost effective, reliable and high quality security answers to meet the needs of our clients.