Narcotics Search Dogs

Narcotics Search Dogs

What is it?

At MDK9, we have at our disposal, a number of highly trained narcotic search dogs. These dogs can be deployed in a passive search situation. Under such circumstances, the dog is operated under the full control of a Narcotics Search Dog Handler, at all times. This can be ideal for the searching of civilians as the dogs are trained to have minimum contact with the person being screened.

Equally, narcotics search dogs can be deployed in a pro-active manner. In such situations, the dog is operating off a leash but remains under the control of the Search Dog Handler at all times.

This method, is especially effective for covering large areas in a short time period. The dog is trained to search in an intrusive manner, allowing the dog to identify and search where drugs may be concealed or used.

All of our Narcotics Search Dog Handlers have achieved Level Three Certification in drug detection handling. This covers numerous aspects, including: Drugs awareness, recognition of firearms and explosives, knowledge of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and conflict management skills.

Our Mission

Quite simply, we seek to provide: Cost effective, reliable and high quality security answers to meet the needs of our clients.