Patrol Dogs

Patrol Dogs

MDK9's patrol dogs can be used as a visual and physical deterrent and are effective in the following areas

  • Mobile Patrol
  • Street Patrols
  • Large Open Spaces
  • Parks
  • Vacant Properties and/or Land
  • Car Parks
  • Commercial Properties
  • Internal and/or External Patrols
  • Construction Project's

About our Dogs

The dogs used at M.D.K9 are trained to the highest standards.

Each dog, not only has to meet the exacting standards as laid down by NASDU in terms of performance, but their wellbeing is also of paramount importance to us. Their required inoculations are kept up to date, they are transported correctly and safely and each Security Guard Dog Handler, is required to have the necessary food and water etc with them at all times.

Also, in accordance with NASDU guidelines, we tend to use the most suitable breeds of dog for a given discipline. The breeds most suitable as general purpose guard dogs are: German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler and Belgian Malinois.

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Our Mission

Quite simply, we seek to provide: Cost effective, reliable and high quality security answers to meet the needs of our clients.